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Things Professional Poker Players Do Not Want the Amateurs to Know

Playing poker can be really easy once you understand how it works. The rules can be learnt in a day, and you can start playing with money whenever you are confident of playing. But playing poker is not in the league of playing poker professionally. There is years of practice that foes behind a calm mind with the “Poker Face” you have heard about. It is not easy for players to stay at a table filled with pros, and only a pro can handle that much pressure. The poker pros are conscious of their decisions which makes them win easily over the amateurs. But there are also a few other tricks that are hidden in their sleeves (except for cards) that they do not usually tell to new players. We have listed those tips here hoping that you can use them in your next Siam Sport game.

Cards do not decide the win

The pros do not really focus on their hole cards much as those cards do not single-handedly decide a winner. The newcomers often fall into the trap of pros when they are a force to accept again and again that they have bad cards. This often makes the amateurs lose their confidence, and they either fold their cards before the flop or fall victim to bluffs by the pros later in the game. The hole cards do not always decide the win.

Never tell a bluff

As amateurs, people often find pride and joy in boasting their bluffs. As pros see it, it is the most foolish thing to do in a game. Never celebrate your bluff, or you might give more information to other players than you can process in your brain. The more information you give to your opponents at poker, the higher your chances of losing become in every following game.

Aces do not always win

Sometime you will have to fold your aces. There have been big turnouts in the history of poker where pocket aces have lost to numbers. And it has happened in so many games that it is not even big news today. AA or KK is just one pair, and another player with a straight or three of a kind can take away the pot. Keep your eyes on the table cards and check for any possible combinations that can beat your pocket aces before you call.


Never use the same strategy

When you are playing at big poker tables, people are watching you. The pros have one new strategy for every day they go out. They cannot be the same person in two different games as their moves and game style gets monitored by their opponents as well as pros who are just watching the match that day. Even the slightest hints to gaming strategy can get noted and can be used against you in your next match.

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